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Copper Head Gaskets

Supplying copper gaskets for over 20 years
We stock copper sheet - thicknesses from 0.55mm to 2.5mm.
Gaskets made to order on accurate CNC controlled equipment.
Quick turnaround.
Hundreds of makes and models on file.
Custom made to your drawing or sample.

Price (GST incl.) for the listed stock sheet thickness*




4 cylinder $181 $221 $258
6 cylinder $228 $278 $323
8 cylinder ( 2 sides per set ) $236 $296 $351
*Note: Copper is supplied 1/2 hard and generally will need annealing by the customer prior to use. Seek advice from your engine builder if unsure.
Price is indicative for a typical cylinder head gasket configuration that we have file.
Gaskets made to a sample that are not on file will incurr a one off $60 programming charge.
Price is subject to confirmation at time of order. Some gaskets models including overhead cam configurations may be more expensive.
Please check with our sales team.